Alcorcón City Hall

Technical DataDescription

Project and Site Management of the New City Hall of Alcorcón. Madrid.

  • Location: Alcorcón. Madrid
  • Built Surface Area: 16,013 m2
  • Architects: Lorenzo Alonso González, José Luis Cerezo Sanz

The project is located in the historic center of the municipality of Alcorcón, between the existing city hall and Santa María La Blanca Church.The refurbishment project is designed following two complementary lines of work. On the one hand the need to extend the administrative surface of the city hall and enhance its representative image within the city, and on the other hand to provide the citizen with a public space of significant entity due to its size and symbolic presence, which should serve to redefine the urban core of the town.

The city hall borders the church on the North, the new administrative building on the West, and the interface-element of communication on the South. The new square becomes a wide urban space characterized by trees, street furnishings, ground-integrated illumination and some pergolas.

The interface communication element links the existing building with the new one, and lodges an exhibition space whose function is to grant the square a public-space character, where the most recent information and expression technologies are exposed to the citizen in a canvas of digital and artistic messages.

The new administrative building is designed as an elevated section. Beneath this segment, another floor accommodates the connecting areas of the entrance, as well as the citizen service office and a multifunctional space for leisure activities that can be carried out in connection with the public square.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the collection of rainwater, the use of vacuum tube collectors, as well as cross-ventilation, make this building a paradigm of sustainable architecture and energetic efficiency, at the service of the citizen.