Software Factories – NEW PRODUCTIVE SPACES – Spain

The project concerns the development of a sector of the town of Alcorcón, which is strategically located between two of the busiest roads of the metropolitan area making this area greatly visible and easily accessible.
The area was the faithful representation a typical XX century industrial town, now outdated by a new reality, an innovative raw material: knowledge. As a result, the owners requested an innovative design proposal.
The new plan entails redefining a new productive space; the stimulus of this line of thought is the advances in traditional industrial processes.
Our cities are entering a new era where physical parameters, tangible features, technologic networks and virtual entities merge in a continuous learning process.
To date, the rapid growth of the virtual environment requires new physical areas that can adapt to its exponential progression: a place where production and teaching can work together as one.
The main functions of this new industrial area are: University campus, business zone, residence halls, leisure spaces and the “factories” themselves. The combination of these components makes up a sector of the “Madrid Virtual World Cluster”
In addition to the town-plan, the studio designed an intelligent-energy network, nourished by wind turbines that provide the entire sector with a renewable energy system. Their use is particularly justified by the large amounts of energy consumed by these types of “factories”.