Refurbishment of Fruit and vegetable Market in Legazpi, Madrid

The aim of the studio’s proposal is to enhance the pedestrian connections between Legazpi Square and Manzanares Park, as well as between Matadero Cultural Complex and the neighborhood located on the other side of the market.

The strategy is based on overlapping the structural networks with the modular skin. There are two structural networks: the original porticos of the market and the radial nucleus of the tower that branches off into three limbs. The modular skin is homogeneous all throughout, and consist of transparent pneumatic bubbles of a highly resistant and light material (EFTE).

The market proposal is respectful with the existing structural geometry. On top of this network we insert curved screens, in order to create different environments in accordance with the new program requirements.

The projection of the curved screens from one floor to another benefit from the openings between each level, to create vertical communication nuclei. In the upper floor, inflatable domes appear as the result of the new inner configuration, and they seal part of the crack of the original rooftop.

In the tower, vertical communication and services are grouped every two levels in a double height floor from which users can access the upper and lower levels. This section minimizes the number of elevator stops. It thus reduces vertical circulation time and encourages relationships between users of different floors.

Each bubble will house low consumption LED illumination that varies in color, to provide a chameleon-like image at night.