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Sustainable Architecture: Form, Energy and Communication

One of the main objectives of Lorenzo Alonso Arquitectos, is to introduce active- and passive-energetic elements into the architectural language, as they are key to the tradition and nature of the language.

That is why energy and architecture constitute a duality to be coordinated in this architecture studio. To consider the complete cycle of the architectural production, both in time and space, implies outlining the foundations for the development of the concept of sustainability.

Lorenzo Alonso Arquitectos is immersed in several innovation projects at a conceptual level (such as the creation of virtual environments carried out in the project “Software Factory”), and we are also working on the development of new technical solutions for specific projects.

Espacio BOP_ Looking for the Blue Notes of Architecture

Espacio BOP has its origins in the studio’s necessity to relate with artists and their different roles, in order to provide the studio with a series of new concepts, sensitivity, values and lines of thought which would help us in the development of creative and innovative solutions.

Since it was first created, Espacio BOP has developed into a laboratory of ideas and has quickly become the propellant of the studio.

The idea was to create a project that would work as an important receiver of “inputs” from a wide variety of professional fields and from different and distant sensitivity values.

The outcome is a chromatic vase that blends a mixture of contributions, ideas, utopias and artistic creations, which are later recycled and fused in a synergetic manner.

The remarkable artistic events, which are a neighborhood pride, are open to all those who want to participate. That is why the pieces presented at each show remain silent in their place, waiting for the visitor´s reaction; and it is precisely this reaction that will generate the other half of freestyle art.

The result has granted the studio the capacity to look into the future, to materialize ideas and to generate artistic and communication projects.

Silences: Nexus between Architecture and Music

Both in Lorenzo Alonso Arquitectos and Espacio BOP , the musical language assume great importance, live performances inside the studio take place; we support initiatives of creative music.

In Lorenzo Alonso Arquitectos silences are only broken with musical notes.