North District of Alcorcón – DNA – Spain

Technical DataDescription

Urban Development Project PP10 – North District of Alcorcón.

  • Location: North distric of Alcorcón. España
  • Total Surface Area oh the Sector: 12 319 415 m2
  • Architects: Lorenzo Alonso González, José Luis Cerezo Sanz

This Partial Plan concerns the development of a site, located in the summit of Madrid’s metropolitan area, the town of Alcorcón.

With a surface of 12.319.415 m2, this is one of the largest urban developments in Spain and, probably, in Europe. Its location is strategically situated in the northern part of Alcorcón, as it is the sector that encloses the southwestern area of Madrid.

The main structure which grants its character is made up of networks that define the public space and its equipments, as elements upon which all the social relationships of the town are to be developed. Its coherent organization and design foster mobility and accessibility to equipments, facilities and green areas. This organization recovers the fractal geometry of the city.

Seven transversal strips arrange the entire district, each one of them with its own geometry. These strips take the form of equipped boulevards where urban life will take place. A large central park with a lake will be the reference to the city.

The basic town-planning principles for this project are outlined with the aim of generating a neighborhood that faithfully represents the concept of the new habitability, the E-topia. This implies enhancing:

Sustainable development

Social equality

A society of knowledge and the information.