Tetra Pak Pavilion – Spain

Tachnical DataDescription
  • Location: Arganda del Rey. Madrid
  • Architects: Lorenzo Alonso González, José Luis Cerezo Sanz

The Spanish delegation of the international company Tetra Pak informed our office of their wish to create a multifunctional resting area for the company workers, in TetraPak’s business center located in an industrial park in Arganda del Rey.

The space concerned is located in a privileged and central spot of the site, surrounded by gardens.

During the development of the project, we did not only work to fulfill the main objective which was to create an area for the workers to rest in, but we also aimed to create a construction element which blends architecture and sculpture, true to its important location.

We worked on the idea that the project should recall, in some way, the essence of TetraPak products: the “pleat” as a conceiver of space. This way, the essence of the project lies in a folded surface, a fun origami exercise.

This surface creates an area over a small pond that reinforces the idea of separating the relaxation area from the rest of the company facilities (those related to production).

Its orientation (South-North) guarantees direct natural light throughout the day and its generous openings make the users feel they find themselves in the middle of the garden. These characteristics, in combination with the lively colours and texture, make this pavilion a favourable space for relaxation.