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Fraguas Square, Alcorcón

Urban Development and Redevelopment project of Fraguas Square. Alcorcón. Madrid

  • Location: Plaza de las Fraguas, Alcorcón, Madrid.
  • Architects: Lorenzo Alonso González, José Luis Cerezo Sanz
  • Built Surface Area: 700 m2

The project defines de guidelines and the urban criterias that should be followed in the redevelopment of the Fraguas square and its surroundings in the old town of Alcorcón.

Within the limits of the intervention, an analytical work of the initial state was carried out, especially considering the morphology, the image of the old city and its functionality, after which it was detected that the network of the roads and the public squares of the old town was a concentration of residual spaces lacking of a singular image and of homogeneity.

With the proposal it was intended to give a simple solution and easy to be carried out to solve the problems that were detected, recycling these waste spaces of the urban network for the pedestrians.