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Urban Partial Plan “PP5”, Alcorcón

Development of the Urban Partial Plan of Sector “PP5” – Villaviciosa Highway. Alcorcón, Madrid.

  • Location: PP5, Alcorcón, Madrid.
  • Architects: Lorenzo Alonso González, José Luis Cerezo Sanz
  • Surface Area of the sector:405,500 m2

405.500 m2 of industrial land within the municipality of Alcorcón are organized. The sector PP5 is limited to the north by M – 501 county road, sector PP-4, and a petrol station; to the south by N-V highway direction towards Extremadura and the exist branch of it; to the east by an industrial park; and to the west by sector PP-8 of the municipality of Alcorcón.

The land management – organization of the sector is proposed for the development of industrial, tertiary and services activities.

To pursue that purpose, a large longitudinal central axis and perimeter roads, connected by three transversal axis, are disposed.