Urban Development and Redevelopment of Hispanidad Square, Alcorcón – España

Technical dataDescription

Urban development and redevelopment of Hispanidad Square in Alcorcón. Madrid

  • Location: Alcorcón. Madrid
  • Total Surface Area of the Sector: 8,200 m2
  • Architects: Lorenzo Alonso González, José Luis Cerezo Sanz

The construction of an underground parking lot endowed Alcorcón City Hall with the opportunity to completely renovate the Hispanidad Square. This is a considerably large square in the centre of the town that encompasses the entire space that lies between Matadero Street and the buildings next to Soria Street. This way, a new relaxation space is created solely for pedestrian use.

The main intervention cosist of a large square with a sculpture called “The bird of freedom” as the focal point. The pavement is granite, similar to that used to remodel the rest of urban Alcorcón, and elements thought out to arrange the square and simultaneously provide climatic control. Among these elements, one can highlight the presence of trees planted on the lateral sides of the square (where underground parking does not exist), grass hillocks, ground water fountains and a pergola. Other elements well worth mentioning are the benches designed for this project, they include a light spatial structure for several vegetal species to be used as a supporting structure and the substrate included in the bench base itself.

The pergola acts as the concluding part of a block that had been left unfinished, but which could be viewed from the square. It is designed as a series of undulating surfaces, composed of iroko wooden boards, which brings warmth and shadow to this side of the building.