DNA – Centrality – Spain

Technical DataDescription

Land organization / Management Project of the Centrality of North District of Alcorcón. Madrid

  • Location: Alcorcón. Madrid
  • Architectss: Lorenzo Alonso González, José Luis Cerezo Sanz
  • Total Surface Area of the Sector: 107.700 m2
  • Total Buildable Area: 323.350 m2

Within the urban management of District North Alcorcón (DNA) it has been detailed the study of an Area of Centrality that will be the “heart” of DNA.

The basic aspects that have been taken into account in the urban planning are the following:

  1. Identification of the centrality; that as in every heart it is unique and distinctive. It coincides with a crossroads and activity flows, constituting the architecture the representation of these flows. The intersection of two axis, the institutional and the commercial indentify it.
  2. Hierarchical structuring of traffic and its flows; the diagonal structure will support the specific and exclusive public transport (tram, light rail, monorail). This element will characterize this space. Connectivity will be maximum.
  3. Densities and mixed uses; density was enhanced supporting it in typologies that can lodge a variety of uses.
  4. Urban geometry; the development of legislation will propitiate a spatial complexity and urban spaces that within the constants of modernity will be different from the geometries raised in the rest of the land, leading to complex and diverse public spaces.